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Vegan Invasion is hiring a contract Event Manager. The Event Manager will oversee Vegan Invasion 2022. The contract will begin as soon as possible and culminate in August of 2022 after event post-mortems.

Project manager will: 

  • Understand the vision of the event, and the individual pieces it’s composed of 

  • Develop and manage timelines + workflows

  • Manage the permitting and permissions processes

  • Schedule + lead team and partner meetings

  • Oversee communications with stakeholders, partners 

  • Work with a contracted Communications Coordinator to sell tickets + communicate event specifics

  • Assist with planning and mapping the physical layout

  • Help identify volunteer + staffings needs + support volunteer + staffing coordination, roles, logistics as needed

  • Help create vendor materials + coordinate incoming vendor submissions;

  • Work with and support the food vendor technical liaison

  • Ensure coordination and ordering of event materials + day of needs

  • Be available in the days leading up to the event and all day July 17th, 2022

  • Prepare and implement follow up and evaluative efforts

  • Identify and plan entertainment

  • Additional needs as they arise 

Qualifications + Skills

  • Event Management and/or Project Management Experience

  • Experience managing people and/or working with teams

  • Ability to work independently + collaboratively on complex issues 

  • Enjoys problem solving and administrative work

  • Likes working with people 

  • Understanding of plant-based diets + veganism

Preferred Qualifications

  • Basic Graphic Design Skills

  • Experience working with ticketing systems

  • Connections to the regional plant-based community


  • Event is sold out

  • All vendor spots are filled

  • Event is managed within budget

  • Event is well documented with an eye towards sustainability


Contracted position pays 25-35/hour depending upon qualifications. If the event reaches the goals listed below, Plant Based Productions LLC will offer a bonus equalling 2% gross revenue. 


  • Provide approximately 10-20 hours of project management services per week through end of June, estimated at a total of 240 hours depending upon experience.

  • Hours expand and contract based on project specific deadlines + deliverables of the project. Event Manager will set most deadlines to align with their own schedule. 

  • Hours expand considerably the week leading up to the even through the day after; Contractor will provide full-time availability the week before the event. 

To APPLY: Send an Email detailing why you think you would be a good fit for this position and identify any job experiences or experience that would allow you to be successful in this position.




 Photos by Vanessa Saunders


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